Water Ingress System

Water ingress detection system is designed to provide detection and warning of water ingress in cargo holds and other spaces. System comprise of compact alarm unit type ITDAC-14D and robust level switches provide reliable solution.

  • MED approved
  • dual power supply (230V AC/24V DC)
  • 6 channel alarm unit type ITDAC-14D for installation on bridge
  • robust magnetic level switches ITMLS-06BC-110-92-WID for installation in cargo holds
  • magnetic level switches ITMLS-02A-1R0-00-MED or ITMLS-02-1R0-92-MED for instalation in other void or dry spaces
  • safety isolators for connection of level switches in EX area
  • The system has been designed in accordance with IMO Res. MSC.188 (79) and MSC.1/Circ.1572 to be used on bulk carriers in compliance with SOLAS regulation XII/12 or in single hold cargo ships other than bulk carriers in compliance with SOLAS regulation II-1/25.
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