Water Ingress

Water ingress detection system is designed to provide detection and warning of water ingress in cargo holds and other spaces. System comprise of compact alarm unit type ITDAC-14D and robust level switches provide reliable solution.

  • MED approved
  • dual power supply (230V AC/24V DC)
  • 6 channel alarm unit type ITDAC-14D for installation on bridge
  • robust magnetic level switches ITMLS-06BC-110-92-WID for installation in cargo holds
  • magnetic level switches ITMLS-02A-1R0-00-MED or ITMLS-02-1R0-92-MED for instalation in other void or dry spaces
  • safety isolators for connection of level switches in EX area
  • The system has been designed in accorance with IMO Res. MSC.188 (79) and MSC.1/Circ.1572 to be used on bulk carriers in complance with SOLAS regulation XII/12 or in single hold cargo ships other than bulk carriers in compliance with SOLAS regulation II-1/25.
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