Electronic Sirens

type ITES

Sound signalling type ITES is wide range of sounders specially desighned for marine application. High sound pressure and low power consumption are based on microprocessor controlled switching amplifier

  • specially designed for marine application to fulfill tones in accordance with alarm tones in accordance with IMO Code on alerts and indicators
  • sound signalling by inovative MCU technology
  • up to IP 66 protection
  • 7 inputs for 7 different tones according IMO Code on alerts and indicators
  • power supply: 24VDC, 115VAC, 230VAC
  • Sound presssure level at 1m: 105dB, 110dB, 115dB or 120dB
  • more loudspekaers to one electronic unit
  • as stand alone unit or can be integrated on signal light columns
  • type approved
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