Ship’s Whistle

type ITES-MS and ITAS

Inelteh Marine Whistle provides electronic siren type ITES-MS-120 for vessels up to 20m and Air siren type ITAS for vessel up to 25-75m. They are deveolped as separate part of already proven ITES series of electronic sirens.
ITES-MS-120 in accordance with Colregs 1972

  • ship’s whistle for vessels up to 20m
  • sound pressure 120dB
  • different versions with loudhailer and police siren available
    • ITES-MS-120 (ship’s whistle)
    • ITES-MSP-120 (ship’s whistle and police siren)
    • ITES-MSL-120 (ship’s whistle and loudhailer)
    • ITES-MSPS-120 (ship’s whistle, police siren and loudhailer)

Air Horn (ITAS)

  • air siren for vessels from 25 to 75m
  • sound pressure 130dB at 1m
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